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7moments: Online Photo Sharing That's Actually Private

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by Michelle Schusterman Dec 29, 2011
Keeping photos private online is next to impossible.

MOST ONLINE SHARING OPTIONS are either overly complicated or too risky if you care about privacy. It’s easy enough to share on Facebook, but they’re constantly changing their privacy options. Flickr looks nice, but (in my opinion) it’s too much of a hassle if you have a ton of photos. Dropbox is great for downloading, but not so much for simply viewing.

7moments, a new photo sharing site, is the easiest option I’ve come across so far. The site says “private” is the default setting, but really, it’s the only setting. Once you log in, you can create an album and drag and drop your photos in, find them on your hard drive, import from iPhoto, or add them from Facebook.

Sharing is just as simple. Choose an album and select “add people,” enter their email addresses, add a message, click send, done. They don’t need to register or become part of a “group,” an extra step often required with other sharing sites when you want to keep your photos private.

Once the recipients receive their email, all they have to do is follow a link to your pics, where they can both view and download them. The horizontal scrolling makes it a great mobile/tablet app as well.

Right now, 7moments is a private beta – enter your email address on the homepage to get access and check it out for yourself.

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