A Shocking New Way of Stopping Pickpockets

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by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Sep 21, 2010
Get rid of pickpockets by zapping them with 220-volt jolts of electric juice.
Shocking Pants

Photo courtesy of Talk2MyShirt

The latest in travel wear, Shyam Chaurasia’s electric pants were designed to deter pickpockets by giving them “an electrifying slap.”

With 220-volts coursing through its back pockets, the trousers zap any intruding hand (or yours mistakenly) that reaches in for any reason. So according to the designer, the pants are best worn in areas with high pickpocketing activity or unwarranted butt grabbing.

Rubber-lined inner pockets prevent a constant charge running through the wearer’s flesh, thus making it relatively safe to wear.

According to Talk2MyShirt which profiles all forms of wearable electric clothing and gear:

He [Shyam] designed a kit using some thin copper wires concealed as stitches on the back pockets of a pair of jeans, capacitors that collect and store electricity, electromagnetic switches and a 3-volt battery. The circuitry transforms DC power into high voltage AC power (similar to a electronic inverter used in EL T-shirts for example).

To activate the pocket power, flip the switch and the pickpockets will be in for the shock of their life.

I wonder what happens on a rainy day? Well, Talk2MyShirt pondered the same thing:

Although his design might not be flawless at this point like when the jeans go wet what happens then or you forget to switch off before reaching yourself into the pocket – I am sure a bit of thinking can make this work without the risk of having a shocking experience.

My thoughts?

All I can think about is that infamous “Don’t taser me, bro!” incident.

Would you seriously wear this? Share your thoughts below.

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