All photos courtesy of Yanko Design

From the ingenious minds that brought us the Moss Bathroom Carpet comes a new way of eating breakfast…

While this gadget has nothing to do with travel (unless you’re willing to lug one around), I love hopping over to the conceptual design site, Yanko Design to find out what wacky new designs they’re currently working on. Created by Loo Chi Di, Bang Bang is an egg steamer designed to look like corals and sponges from the ocean. Eggs are placed into allotted holes and steamed.

When they’re ready, they pop up just like toast.

The diagram below illustrates Bang Bang at work.

All photos courtesy of Yanko Design

Once you’ve got perfectly poached eggs, why not couple them with some slices of smiling toast fresh out of the Smile Cooking Toaster designed by Xu Yan Xiang?

All photos courtesy of Yanko Design

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