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Gear Review + Giveaway: Sansa SlotRadio Player

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by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström May 29, 2009
Save time with the pre-loaded slotRadio player and focus on more important things – like planning for your journey.

We love lightweight, practical travel gadgets here at Goods, and the slick new Sansa slotRadio player joins the ranks.

This revolutionary mp3 player holds up to 1,000 songs on a tiny memory card. Its built-in FM radio allows you to tune into local stations while traveling in foreign countries as well as NPR so you’ve got instant access to the latest news. At just 1.3 oz in weight, it is super portable and barely takes up any space.

It has an integrated clip on its back that allows you to attach it to belt straps and clothing so you can take it jogging/walking.

How It Works

1,000 songs organized into various genres are preloaded onto a small chip that gets inserted into the player. I was a bit skeptical about the playlist because when it comes to music, tastes severely differ, but the slotRadio card boasts an impressive mix.

From contemporary artists such as Coldplay, Maroon 5, and No Doubt, Hip-hop artists like Akon and T-Pain, as well as Alternative and Emo Rockers such as Kaiser Chiefs and Hinder, there are at least a couple hundred songs that will satisfy your musical preferences.

Other genres include Rock, Country, and a mix of Workout and Chillout tunes. And with up to 13 hours of battery life between charges, you’re sure to be rocking out uninterrupted.

To start up the player, all you have to do is insert the slotRadio card that comes with the player and switch to PLAY.

It’s that simple.

Swapping Out Playlists

The very first question that came to mind (besides wondering if U2 made the cut) was how I would change out my playlists.

What if I got tired of continuously playing the same old…oh…1,000 songs? Additional song mix cards can be purchased online.

You can also order genre-specific music cards such as all rock tunes, if country music isn’t your style.

What’s Included

I’m a sucker for clean, attractive packaging and the slotRadio Player’s square-shaped, compartmentalized media case includes Sansa ear buds, a USB cable for connecting the player to its AC Adapter (included!), as well as a protective silicone case, a user’s guide, a 1,000 song mix card, and the player itself.

It retails for $99.99, and additional music cards can be purchased for $39.99 each from the slotRadio store. The slotRadio will also be available at Radio Shack stores, but the best part is….

We’re giving one away for free! That’s right.

From now until Friday, June 5th PST, all you need to do is tell us (in 50 words or less) about one of your favorite travel songs that reminds you of a place or reason to travel in the comments field below. We will randomly pick a winner to receive a slotRadio player after the deadline.

We will also be publishing select readers’ entries in a feature piece on Matador Nights.

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