Introducing the Gorillapod Family

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by Michelle Schusterman Aug 16, 2009
They’re cute, they’re colorful, they’re fun to play with, but when it comes to photography, this family doesn’t mess around.
Gorillapod Original

The one that started it all. The Gorillapod Original’s flexible legs make it different from any other tripod on the market.

Wrap, bend, and twist to get your compact digital camera (up to 11.5 oz) in pretty much any position.

The rubberized ring and foot grips help the Gorillapod grab onto any surface, and the quick-release clip and lock ring keep your camera connected and safe.

Gorillapod SLR

For lightweight SLR cameras and camcorders (up to 1.75 lbs), the Gorillapod SLR helps get the right angle for that perfect shot. The legs are made up of over two dozen joints, which band and rotate 360°.

Gorillapod SLR-Zoom

This one’s for the pros: the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom holds camera equipment weighing up to 6.5 lbs. The joints are made from high quality injection molded plastic which won’t wear out from lots of use.

A 3/8″ adapter screw is included to mount cameras and professional tripod heads. For an even wider range of shots, pair this one up with the Joby Ballhead.

Gorillapod Focus

The big boy of the bunch. The Gorillapod Focus can handle equipment up to 11 lbs with ease, thanks to machined aluminum sockets and high quality injection molded thermoplastic joints. This one also includes the 3/8″ adapter screw.

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