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New San Juan and Havana IPhone Travel Guides

Havana Technology + Gear
by Michelle Schusterman Dec 10, 2010
Matador writers put their Caribbean expertise to use with the launch of two new iPhone apps.

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed apps developed by Sutro Media, and it won’t be the last. In fact, I’ve been so impressed with their consistent quality, easy-to-use format and creative app ideas that I’m now working on one myself.

And I’m not the only one. Fellow Matadorians Julie Schwietert and Conner Gorry have gathered their photos, addresses, phone numbers and extensive knowledge of San Juan, Puerto Rico and Havana, Cuba and turned out two great travel guides for iPhone users.

San Juan Insider

This app features no fewer than 99 restaurants, cafes, hotels and other San Juan points of interest – and Julie has been to every single one.

From bodegas to botanical gardens, every entry comes with not only a description, but expert recommendations on what to see, buy, eat, drink or do. Number one item on my personal list – heading to Caficultura to get my own cup of Taino symbol-sketched latte art.

Havana Good Time

Like Julie, Conner has eaten at every restaurant and slept in every hotel she recommends. This guide to exploring Havana has over 125 entries, from Teatro Karl Marx to a museum whose real claim to fame is heavenly hot chocolate.

Each entry is accompanied with a thorough description, and in many cases, a little bit of history or insider info. I’m itching to check out the Necrópolis Colón after reading about the legend of “The Miraculous One.”

App Layout and Style

Like all Sutro apps, both San Juan Insider and Havana Good Time are incredibly simple to navigate. A scroll wheel at the top of the main menu allows you to search for places by category, and a vertical index down the right side of the screen makes it simple to go straight to the entry you want (if you know the name).

Every entry comes with a slideshow filled with high-quality photos, in most cases taken by the authors themselves. You’ll also find all of the contact info (phone number, email address, street address), as well as a pinpointed Google map to help you find the spot easily.

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