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by Michelle Schusterman Jul 10, 2009
Know a certain little one with a birthday coming up? Check out Sprig Toys, which specializes in toys for tots that are battery-free, paint-free, eco-friendly, and most importantly, FUN!
Sprig Toys

Feature Photo by Lola Akinmade. Photo Above – Sprig Toys

What preschooler wouldn’t love the Discover Rig, one of Sprig’s Adventure Series toys? This cool four-wheeler seats up to three of the cute Adventure Guide dolls with light and sound powered by the push-action from the child, not batteries!

Any toddler that loves quality time in the sandbox would have a blast with an Eco-Truck. The Dump Truck, Excavator, and Loader are sturdy, eco-friendly, and perfect for serious digging!

Sprig Toys are dedicated not only to making toys that are good for the environment, but good for kids, too! These toys are “kid-powered” rather than “battery-powered”, and encourage active play. The materials used are water-resistant making them perfect for outdoor play.

The assembly lines used to create most toys have a devastating impact on the air, soil, and even people. And increasingly, more and more toys utilize electronics, wasting energy while encouraging children to watch rather than interact.

The designers of Sprig Toys are determined to create fun and exciting toys that will get kids up and moving, without harming the environment.

For more information, check out their story.

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