Protect Your IPhone: Speck Candy Shell Case

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Austin Chu
Dec 9, 2009
Protect your iPhone with the super durable, lightweight Speck

Photo: Speck

The Speck Candy Shell Case has mastered the ultimate combination of flexibility and protection with a two-layer protection system.

The case has a soft rubbery interior lining that insulates the iPhone from accidents, drops, and everyday abuse. The outer layer is a hard shell that protects it from scratches and allows the phone to easily slip into your pocket.

I’ve gone through four different cases before I went with a Speck case. I had two silicon cases which ripped within a few months and collected lint and dust better than a Swiffer pad. When the silicon cases failed me, I decided to try out the hard shells. They were durable, sleek, and clean.

However, when you dropped it, the case would explode on impact.

When I found out about the Speck, I knew I had found the perfect case for me. It’s durable, lightweight, sleek, impact resistant, and well designed.

Below are some specs for your Speck:

* Fits iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS
* Includes cleaning cloth and removable screen protector film for extra scratch resistance
* Openings to all ports, controls and sensors
* Available in four colors

Tip: Candyshell Removal Video

Cost: $35 | Where to buy: Speck

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