Sony ICD-P620 Digital Voice Recorder

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by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Feb 26, 2009

Having a digital voice recorder within easy reach while traveling is becoming more and more essential. By capturing audio moments that may otherwise have remained unmemorable, you enhance your overall travel experience.

For travel journalists – professional and amateur alike – a voice recorder is a worthwile investment. You minimize those awkward moments of silence that occur during interviews while you try to scribble down notes as fast as you can.

I own this particular model and its been a breeze to work with.

With up to 260 hours of audio recording capacity on two AAA batteries and 512 MB in-built memory, the ICDP620 gives you a lot of functionality for a decent price.

Its navigation keys are basic: “record”, “play”, “enter”, “stop”, “rewind”, and “fast-forward” buttons. You can adjust the microphone sensitivity, and choose from three recording modes – Long Play (LP), Standard Quality mode (SP), and High Quality mode (HQ).

Other cool features include a voice activated recording (VOR) mode which pauses the recorder during significant silence, and resumes recording once voices are audible again.

Included with the kit are digital voice editor software, two AAA batteries, and a USB cable for downloading audio files.

Price: $50.85 | BUY

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