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Technology Bytes: Best Outdoor IPhone Apps

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by Michelle Schusterman Dec 7, 2009
Is the iPhone a worthy purchase for outdoor enthusiasts? Steve Casimiro says yes.

Looking for a good star gazing map, or instructions on making a Slippery Hitch knot? Then check out this sweet list Casimiro compiled on The Adventure Life featuring 25 iPhone apps for outdoor activities. A few of my favorites:

Ski Report

This one is a must-have for snow bunnies, providing base depth, recent snowfall, links to weather and webcams, and coolest of all, onsite ski reports from other users already on the slopes.


For hikers, bikers, and climbers, Trails uses Google Maps to show you roads, satellite views, or topography, and records your trail and distance, whether you’re hiking Rainier or Everest.

Oakley Surf Report

As its name suggests, Surf Report checks all surf conditions, including height, tide, and swell direction, as well as weather updates and a listing of the best beaches near you.

Knots, Splices, and Ropework

This app is actually a copy of A. Hyatt Verrill’s 1917 guidebook, featuring 154 knots with instructions and illustrations. A trusted, classic guide right on your iPhone.

Moon Atlas

For astronomy geeks, this app actually shows you the moon as a sphere (not flat), which no less than 1,800 named features, along with the locations of 26 spacecraft. Something I could lose a few hours playing with for sure.

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