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by Michelle Schusterman Feb 17, 2010


Two companies have introduced a way for those without programming and coding skills to build a smartphone application online.


Of course, to have complete control over the final product, you’ll want to design and develop your smartphone app the old-fashioned way. But for businesses who want a simple app without taking the time to learn the technicalities, two websites have just made it easier.

YAPPER (Your APP Maker)

This program is WYSIWYG technology aimed at helping bloggers, newspapers, pod casters, and others make apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android in just four steps. According to Appletell, that means YAPPER is limited to RSS feed apps. Features include:

  • Build the app in 4 easy steps using a WYSIWYG tool
  • No coding required use existing RSS feeds (RSS, RSS 2.0, ATOM)
  • Major foreign languages supported
  • Multiple mobile devices support: iPhone, Android and iPad
  • Optimized for mobile user experience: Mobile optimized UI (mobile friendly entire article content with images and videos), Content caching (users can read offline), Fast (no straight RSS feed parsing), Location enabled
  • Customization options for App icon, splash image and tab icons
  • Push notifications for breaking stories and events
  • Monetization and analytics support

Registration is normally $499, but they’re running a special of only $99 (the cost it takes to register as an iPhone app developer) until February 19th.

iPhone App Builder

Created by SelfServeApps, this one charges between a setup fee of $99 and $29 monthly to $499 for setup and $99 a month, depending on what you’re looking for. They’re marking the builder to web developers, ad agencies, PR firms, and creative companies.

From the press release:

There is no programming involved and they can reuse the web content and graphics they have already produced for their clients. A dashboard is included to manage multiple projects and a content management system makes updates to applications easy, without having to resubmit to the App Store.

Basically, they’re offering to do for apps what Blogger and WordPress did for websites (more or less). To me, this is another sign that apps are changing the business game. Would you consider one of these programs to make an app for your website or business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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