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Technology Bytes: Guide to Powering Your Gadgets Inflight

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by Michelle Schusterman Dec 11, 2009
Tired of your laptop battery quitting mid-flight? Follow these tips to keep your movies going all the way to your final destination.

WHEN I’M FACED with a flight that’s eight hours or longer, I pretty much accept my fate and use my laptop until the little battery symbol shows the tiniest of red lines. But thanks to Gadling’s Ultimate Guide to Powering Your Gadgets on a Plane, I think those days may be over.

Following the instructions requires a little planning ahead, mostly purchasing the appropriate adapter or charger. Gadling presents four scenarios: Powering a laptop with or without seat power, and powering a gadget with or without seat power.

Depending on your flight, and more importantly, your exact seat on the plane, you could have access to EmPower, DC power, AC power, or USB power. Gadling recommends two killer sites – Seatguru and Seatexpert – that let you know all the amenities and features of your exact seat.

The guide provides detailed information on specific adapters and chargers for your laptop, mp3 player, iPhone, and other gadgets to keep them powered through your flight. They didn’t miss a detail, including voltage info and whether or not the outlet will be enough to power your laptop.

Gadling also has great tips on stretching out the life of your battery, and helping you figure out just how much charging you’ll need to do. If you’re a frequent flyer, this guide is one to bookmark.

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