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Technology Bytes: Outrageously Expensive IPhone Apps

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by Michelle Schusterman Dec 2, 2009
Some of these iPhone apps cost more than the iPhone itself.

Unless it looks really sweet, I usually turn my nose up at apps that run over $2.99. Occasionally I come across one for around $20 that can do something really cool, like let you compose music on a seriously decent synthesizer.

So what would an app have to do to cost more than two, three, or even four iPhones put together? Cook your breakfast? Drive your car? Check out these pricey apps the guys at Daily Nuance rounded up.

According to their iTunes page, Lexi-Complete “provides detailed information on drugs, drug interactions, diagnosis, disease management, patient education, and more.” Lexi-Complete is highly rated and seems popular among pharmacists and others in the medical profession. Good thing, too – at $299.99, at least they’ve got the salary to afford it.

MyAccountsToGo, which is aimed at business managers, sales reps, finance executives, and the like, offers access to either the SAP BusinessOne or Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management systems from your iPhone or Touch. That includes real time reviewing and managing transactions, quotations, orders, and returns. Well, hopefully not too many returns – your business had better be booming if you’re throwing down $449.99 for this one.

Extra cash cluttering up your wallet? Consider downloading iRa Pro to help keep an eye on all the Lamborghinis in your Bat Cave. This app is a mobile command center, giving you live video surveillance from up to six cameras straight to your iPhone, with remote abilities that include tilting, zooming, capturing, and even emailing images.

All for $899.99.

Holy Recession, Batman.

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