Technology Bytes: University Provides Students With IPads

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by Michelle Schusterman Mar 30, 2010
Seton Hill University has announced that every full-time student in the fall of 2010 will receive an Apple iPad.

As part of their Griffin Technology Advantage program, Seton Hill will be giving all first year undergraduate students a 13″ MacBook and an iPad. After two years, the University will replace the laptop with an upgraded model the students can take with them after graduating.

Students will be able to use both the laptop and the iPad at all times for both educational and personal purposes. The faculty will also be equipped with and trained on how to use both devices. The hope is that the technology will assist students in continuing to make education a part of their lives after graduation. From their website:

Seton Hill is training students of all learning styles and abilities to be better researchers, better at compiling and organizing data, and better at publishing and presenting information – better, in fact, at becoming lifelong learners who can easily adapt to new situations and new technologies in their lives and careers.

The tuition? I’m afraid to ask. But considering the iPad hasn’t been released yet, this news reinforces that we’re not just looking at another fun gadget. It’s a sign of the positive changes this new technology will bring in many fields in the coming months and years.

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