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Twitter Contest: IPhone Case With Bottle Opener

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by Michelle Schusterman Dec 27, 2011
Purely for the pimp factor.

COMMON makeshift bottle openers typically include:

  • Lighters
  • Keys
  • Scissors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Edge-of-the-counter-and-heel-of-the-hand-punch combo
  • Teeth
  • Belt buckle
  • Seat belt buckle (clearly not recommended for alcoholic beverages)

A cold beer and no bottle opener: horrifying scenario, but it could happen to you. It did happen to Rob Ward and Chris Peters, which is why they invented the Opena – an iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener.

My first thought: how badass it would look to grab a beer, whip out my iPhone, and pop the cap. Why didn’t this exist when I was in college? (Oh, right – no iPhones.)

My second thought(s): The pressure can’t be good for the phone. Or the possible fizz and spray. Or having metal sliding along the back. Etc.

So when I received an Opena to review, I was equal parts entertained and skeptical. But it seems Rob and Chris foresaw a lot of the potential problems with this case.

The Opena is snug (it won’t fit the 3G/s). The case is designed so that it’s impossible for the metal opener to come in contact with your phone, nor will it put any pressure on the back of the phone. As for fizz, I won’t say it’s impossible, but you’d actually have to try pretty hard to spray liquid into the dock connector when using the opener.

The pimp factor is definitely there, though. It’s easy to flip your phone over, slide the opener out with your thumb, pop the cap, slide it back, and blow on your phone like a smoking pistol (optional).

Honestly, I wouldn’t use the Opena as my permanent iPhone case, because I want something that’s going to cover the screen. But I will absolutely slip it on for parties, BBQs, and any night I plan on wandering the streets with a six-pack.

The Opena ($39.95) is available in black or white (plans for more colors in the works).

This contest is closed.

And the winner is…Morgan!

Congrats, and stay tuned to Goods for more giveaways!

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