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Twitter Contest: Jaw Breaker Earbuds Have Thump

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by Michelle Schusterman Oct 11, 2011
Bass matters.

IN COLLEGE, I saved my pizza delivery tips for months to buy a 10” sub for my Saturn Vue. I drove out of the parking lot thumping “Boogie on, Reggae Woman” by Stevie and thinking I was kind of the shiz. I don’t care if you listen to hip-hop or country or punk or Javanese gamelan – speakers and headphones that lack bass fundamentally change music, and for the worse.

So while I appreciate the bright-white earbuds that came with my iPhone, they’re really only good for listening to podcasts. Jaw Breakers are for those of us who recognize that thud is important.

Warning: adjust the volume if you’re switching from Apple buds to Wicked Audio’s Jaw Breakers. With the former, I’d crank the volume up nearly to the top, but with the Breakers, half-volume is more than enough.

A few specs:

  • 10 mm Driver
  • 20-20,000 Hz Frequency
  • 1.2 Meter Cord
  • Available in green, black, pink and white.
  • Price: $17.99

These earbuds are meant for music listening – there’s no line-in mic for chatting (although mic’d smartphone models are available). But the quality of sound they put out is phenomenal. I own around a dozen headphones; maybe it’s the gold-plated connector, maybe it’s the noise isolation feature, but these win when it comes to bass and overall crispness.

And the winner is…

Teri Rhan (@terirhan)

Stay tuned for more Goods giveaways!

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