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Twitter Contest: Tuff 'N' Tiny USB Drive

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by Michelle Schusterman Aug 17, 2011
Enter to win Verbatim’s super small, mega durable 2GB drive.

Seriously, this thing is insanely small.

Back in my teaching days, I had a glorious set of keys. It was massive – I couldn’t fit it in my purse. House keys, car keys, school keys, office keys, drum keys, a drumstick key ring I got when I was fourteen, random plastic stuff and one of those curly phone cord wristbands my students would use to slingshot the key monstrosity across the room.

I’m more minimalist with my keys now. When I’m offered those little “frequent buyer” card-turned-keychain things some stores have, I turn them down. And while I do frequently need a USB drive, I refuse to clutter up my neat set of keys with one.

But the 2 GB Tuff ’n’ Tiny, created by Verbatim, is going on my key ring and staying there. Pretty sure I’d lose it otherwise – this thing is really, really small.

So small that I didn’t think it would work the first time I plugged it in. It’s penny-thin, much thinner than the actual USB slot on my macbook. But it worked; actually, it fits quite nicely.

And for something so small, it’s as surprisingly tough as its name implies. The Tuff ’n’ Tiny is dust resistant, water resistant (a pint of IPA helped me test that one out) and static discharge resistant. It has a password security feature and is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 7 and Vista and Linux. It works with all USB ports. It weighs less than a mouse hair.

Okay, I made that last one up. But for real – it doesn’t get much more lightweight than this.

This contest is closed!

And the winner is….

Lisa (@Worldtrvler)!

Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more giveaways!

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