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by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Mar 9, 2009

So we’ve been recommending you buy the smallest, ultra-lightweight, most durable, super portable travel laptop to carry with you while on the road.

Well….as you scale down the physical size of a laptop, the design of its navigation touchpad is proportionally scaled down. So the smaller the laptop, the smaller (and more sensitive) the touchpad becomes.

If you’re not quite ready to resort to using your fingernails, invest in a mini mouse such as the pocket-sized Targus PAUM01U Ultra Mini Retractable Optical Mouse.

This tiny mouse utilizes instant plug-and-play technology to connect swiftly to your laptop.

It works great on tight surfaces such as on the dreaded airplane tray (which tends to be smaller than your laptop!) and can also run along the free areas of your laptop.

It comes with a retractable cord which allows you to adjust to the required length based on space allocations.

I’ve burned through two mini mice over the last four years, mostly due to owner rough-handling. Its small size may take some getting used to, but its practicality beats out any initial inconvenience.

Price: $14.99 | BUY

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