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by Michelle Schusterman Jul 28, 2011
Skyfire’s VideoQ app lets you download Flash video from Safari to watch later.

I love you Apple, but you really don’t play nice. Do you really think the Internet is going to suddenly start hyping HTML5? Do you need to be so anti-Adobe? Can’t we all just get along?

No, but smart developers can continue to create kickass apps that get around the iPhone’s many shortcomings. Skyfire’s new application, VideoQ, is a great example. Once you download the app, it walks you through registering via email, which is immediate – however, you don’t receive any sort of email confirmation or have to click a link. (I wasted about five minutes waiting for one before I figured that out.)

After you send the email registration request, get on Safari and find a flash vid you want to watch. Click the “mail” button at the bottom of your screen and choose “Mail Link to this Page,” then send it to “”

Close Safari, open VideoQ, and all the videos you’ve emailed will be lined up ready to view. At the bottom, you can choose “Hot” to see what videos are trending, or “Channels” to view other Flash vids by categories like technology, sports, news and humor.

It’s definitely got some new-app quirks and bugs – once a video loaded, if I tapped “pause” then “play” again, the image would disappear or freeze while the sound went on. It’d also be great to have the ability to go full screen in future versions. But even with these kinks, VideoQ is definitely worth the price for what it does.

Price: $1.99

via TechCrunch

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