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Wrapsol: Film Wrap Protection for Your Gadgets

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by Michelle Schusterman May 8, 2011
Playing kitchen racquetball with a $200 device, all in the name of scientific review.

When I was asked to review a Wrapsol film wrap, I hesitated at the thought of testing it out on my iPhone. Testing means risking, and I’m one of those unfortunate people whose life depends entirely too much on staying connected.

However, I have an iPod Touch, and while I wasn’t relishing the thought of coating it in a film wrap and throwing it around, I decided to give Wrapsol a shot. (Watching this guy do it first boosted my confidence a bit.)

I have an Otter Box on my iPhone, and my biggest complaint about it is the air bubbles that cover my screen. I opened my Wrapsol iPod Touch film package and found very clear and simple instructions on avoiding that exact problem.

1. Clean the device (the package comes with a towelette)
2. Wet fingers to avoid fingerprints
3. Peel off the film
4. Align it at one end of the device
5. Squeegee it (the package comes with a squeegee)
6. Repeat for the back side and press down any tabs

Done. Between the wet fingertips and the squeegee, there were no air bubbles or smudges in sight.

Putting off the inevitable, I play with the Touch a little bit. The film doesn’t seem to affect the touch screen at all. I take it outside; glare situation doesn’t change. I peel it off; the film is easy to remove, doesn’t leave a mark or sticky feel, then squeegees back down very nicely. I notice some of the tabs lift a bit and need to be pressed down occasionally, but air bubbles aren’t an issue.

The moment of truth – I walk into my kitchen, right in the middle of the tile floor. I make sure my Touch is on and give the screen a last, nervous glance. I hold it up high overhead, as high as I can reach, and let go.

My iPod Touch slams screen-first into the tile with a SMACK that sends the dog running. I pick it up, turn it on.


I repeat the action, dropping it vertically this time. Not a scratch. A minute later I’m giddily chucking the thing around the kitchen. When I realize my husband is likely to walk in at any moment to find me giggling as I throw my iPod against the fridge in a weird one-player game of gadget racquetball, I stop. I’ve made my point.

Wrapsol for the iPod Touch, iPhone and other mp3 players and phones are available for $29.95.

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