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10 Dead Giveaways You're From Wisconsin

by Alisa Tank Dec 8, 2016

1. In the summer, you go Up North every chance you can get.

If your family doesn’t own a cabin or a boat, you know several friends, relatives, and neighbors who are happy to invite you over for a weekend on the lake.

2. You go to the bubbler when you’re thirsty.

And when you need money, you take it out of the TYME machine.

3. You’re a brat connoisseur.

A mandatory part of any cookout or tailgate, they’re extra tasty when simmered in beer before going on the grill. Just don’t forget the sauerkraut and mustard!

4. You understand that Green and Gold is a religion, and the pilgrimage to Lambeau Field is a rite of passage.

Your relatives talk about Aaron Rodgers like he’s a member of the family, and your Green Bay Packers jersey is perfectly acceptable church attire on game days.

5. You think it’s completely normal to eat cheese curds straight from the bag as you leave the gas station where you bought them. The squeakier, the better.

Their bar food cousin, deep-fried cheese curds, are best served up with a cold Spotted Cow or a Sprecher root beer.

6. You don’t think twice when the polka music starts playing at your cousin’s wedding.

When you’re really craving some boot-stomping fun, you can even catch a live polka show at your local supper club.

7. Bizarre sounding place names roll right off your tongue.

There’s nothing tricky about Ashwaubenon, Oconomowoc, or Weyauwega, right?

8. You’re as comfortable in the bar down the street as you are in your own house.

Whether you’re sipping on a Leinie’s or a brandy old fashioned, you’re always ready to share a round with friends.

9. You spent your childhood begging your parents to take you to Noah’s Ark in the Dells.

If you were really lucky, you also got a chance to ride in one of the famous Duck boats.

10. You get your weekend started with a Friday night fish fry.

You’ll eat any kind of fish, as long as it’s fresh, beer-battered, and served up with potato pancakes.

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