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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Your Kids to Yucatan

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by Claugiann y Giovanni Jun 21, 2016

1. A visit to Chichen Itzá sounds interesting, but what kind of child would like explore a Mayan city, full of hieroglyphics, ancient buildings and magical stories? Everyone knows children hate adventures …

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2. The ecological reserve of Rio Lagartos is full of amazing animals, beautiful beaches, a pink-colored lagoon, and a place to get covered with mud from head to toe. But you fear your kids will start to believe that the world is a wonderful place… And how are you going to take that crazy idea out of ​​their heads?

3. Miles and miles of white sand beaches to play all day long sounds like too much freedom to your taste…

4. The super friendly raccoons of The Corchito will get very close. Isn’t there something really cute to see?

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5. Exploring the mangroves by boat to observe hundreds of pink flamingos flying against the blue sky seems too colorful for the sensitive eyes of your little angels…

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6. And while you’d love to stay at a hacienda, you fear that your kids will find the idea too boring…

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7. Climbing to the top of an ancient Mayan pyramid and exploring a mysterious lost city in the middle of the jungle? Any child would prefer to play video games rather than visiting Uxmal!

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8. Swimming in the freshwater of the cenotes, those pools of underground water which are said to have been created by the same meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, could be a good idea … But you fear it’ll be too much stimulation for your kids… What will happen if they can no longer return to the “real” world?

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9. And you worry there won’t be anything to satisfy the cravings of your little angels…

10. Let me warn you: If you do not want your whole family to fall in love with the beautiful state of Yucatan, don’t even come!

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