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11 French Phrases That Will Make Your Heart Melt

France Languages
by Morgane Croissant Apr 15, 2015

1. The French don’t have “moles” on their skin…they have “grains of beauty” (Grains de beauté).

2. The French don’t find “dust” under the couch…they find “sheep’ (Des moutons).

3. The French don’t “sleep like a log”…they “sleep like a marmot” (Dormir comme une marmotte).

4. The French are not “pious”…they are “frogs living in a stoup” (Grenouilles de bénitier).

5. The French are not “romantic”…they are “blue flowers” (Être fleur bleue).

6. The French do not say “I give up, give me the answer”…they say “I give my tongue to the cat” (Donner sa langue au chat).

7. The French don’t “go gaga”…they “sweeten the strawberries” (Sucrer les fraises).

8. The French don’t faint…they “fall into a heap of apples” (Tomber dans les pommes).

9. The French are not “on cloud 9”…they “live on love and fresh water” (Vivre d’amour et d’eau fraiche).

10. The French don’t easily fall in love…they “have the heart of an artichoke” (Avoir un coeur d’artichaut).

11. The French don’t have “a girlfriend” or “a boyfriend”…they have “a little friend” (Petit ami/petite amie).

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