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11 of the Raddest Things to Do for Free in Bushwick

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by Henry Miller Jun 9, 2015

In case you haven’t heard, New York City has gotten so goddamn expensive that rats have drowned in the Hudson trying to flee to New Jersey. Fortunately, there is at least one cheap neighborhood left in Brooklyn, and it’s bursting at the seams with unadulterated, ungentrified culture.

So while the suckers in Manhattan and Williamsburg are busy dropping serious cash for just about everything… here are 11 awesome things you can do in Bushwick for the low-low price of free:

1. Hit up a hip summer rooftop BBQ.

They’re super easy to find — just walk around the hood until you hear music coming from up top, knock on the door, say you RSVP’d or know the girl from NYU, and you’re in.

2. First week of June? Check out Bushwick Open Studios.

At the beginning of every June, Arts in Bushwick unveils an extensive lineup of the free galleries, studios, music shows and parties… all aimed at proving to the public that this neighborhood “really is that cool.” Check out this year’s event listings here.

3. Make friends with a Bodega Cat.

4. Become intimate with the struggle: wait for the L Train.

Sure, it may not be the most fun thing ever, but understanding the daily misery of your local North Brooklyner is a quintessential part of your Bushwick experience.

5. Go hunting for an open gallery.

You’re bound to find a few no matter what time of the year it is (after all, there are over 50 recognized gallery spaces in just the Bushwick neighborhood alone). Be warned: while it’s always an interesting experience… you never know what exactly you’ll wind up seeing once inside.

6. But then again, there is so much street art you’ll probably forget this isn’t an open-air museum.

So much, in fact, that there are several Bushwick-based street art walking tours (and most are also free).

7. Ride the slow and snaking M train into the city.

If only for the incredible views of the Manhattan skyline.

8. Get your tits (male or female) photographed by The Boobs of Bushwick.

Make a statement, and become a part of Bushwick history. And don’t forget to check out your photo, when they post it to their NSFW Tumblr archive.

9. Have a cultural experience by taking a stroll down Myrtle Avenue.

And while you’re at it, consider famous writer and former resident Henry Miller’s opinion on the neighborhood’s main artery: “dear reader, you must see Myrtle Avenue before you die, if only to realize how far into the future Dante saw.”

10. Join the fight against gentrification. Pee on a condo development.

And enjoy the applause you’ll receive from the locals.

11. Visit Maria Hernandez Park on Knickerbocker.

It is, after all, Bushwick’s favorite dog park and the best place to see a wide variety of hipsters, flipsters and all the finger-poppin’ daddies. [feature: Adio Grey]

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