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11 Signs Been Away From England Too Long

by Susannah Rigg Apr 10, 2015

1. Your basic English food basket of Dairy Milk, Baked Beans, Sausages, Tea Bags, Butter, Crumpets and a Chicken Tikka Masala Meal, have turned into luxury items for which you would pay a fortune to have right here, right now.

2. You watch English films and think that England is really like the place you see in the movies.

3. You listen to BBC radio just to hear the dulcet tones of English spoken by your fellow countrymen and women.

4. If you hear someone speaking in an English accent, you rush to talk to them. Finally someone who understands what you are saying!

5. …But you realise that you’ve forgotten how to speak and spell British English.

6. If you live somewhere hot, you quite enjoy the quaintness of getting all wrapped up in your hat, gloves and coat when you go home.

7. But, your memories of England generally omit the fact that it is mainly grey and rainy. The England in your head is bright and rain-free all the time.

8. You have stopped converting things back to pounds but when you do, everything seems sooo cheap.

9. You would do anything for a Saturday late-night curry…

10. And a Sunday roast by the fire at a good ol’ English pub.

11. And some Sunday nights you get an insatiable urge to be sitting in front of the box and watch some good old English telly, eating chocolate hobnobs.

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