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11 Things Every Coloradan Wants to Hear From Visitors

by Tim Wenger Nov 21, 2016

That you’re so happy and content with where you live now.

So happy that you would never, ever, even for a moment, consider moving here.

That you got plenty of rest the night before and shouldn’t have any problems with the altitude.

Unless, of course, you’re young enough that you can still enact the ‘First chair, last call’ mantra without slowing everyone else down. No one wants to hear you complain. Always remember – there are no friends on a powder day and no bigger way to ruin one than to show up hungover. Keep your shit together, drink water, and we can become great friends.

That the beer just seems to have more soul here.

They say that competition drives progress. The craft beer scene in Colorado is as much proof of that as anyone could ever need, and I don’t see myself ever getting tired of reaping the benefits. Next round’s on me.

That you have plenty of water in your backpack.

This isn’t just to prevent a hangover. It’s for the other kind of headache, the one caused by thin air and strenuous exercise.

And you’re ready to get outside.

And we mean get outside all day, not this one hour then take a break nonsense.

That you totally think John Elway is the greatest quarterback of all time.

Even though you’re a Bears fan, you just have so much respect for the guy.

That you’re not here to smoke pot, and in fact didn’t even realize it was legal.

Just kidding. Everyone knows it’s legal. But for the love of god don’t panhandle with a sign that has a pot leaf on it.

The snow here is so much better than out on the west coast.

It’s just so fluffy, light, and dry!

That Denver has really ditched the Cowtown image and is a legitimate world-class city.

That A-Line! You guys are really stepping it up. As long as Denver can keep growing up and stop growing out, this place will be a real mecca of cosmopolitan, urban lifestyle.

That you are excited to check out the different areas of the state.

Not just cruise up I-70 to Summit County and call it good. Colorado is like a steep, rocky, windswept onion. There are multiple layers to it, and each one leads deeper and deeper into the core of what we’re all about.

That Aspen isn’t what you think of when picturing a ski town.

Gucci purses and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies have no place on the slopes. Please understand that the real Colorado ski culture isn’t like that.

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