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12 of the Best Spots for Nightlife in Portland

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by Henry Miller Dec 15, 2016

Portland has one of the freshest nightlife scenes in the country- a mishmash of dives, strip clubs, ballrooms, pool halls and cocktail lounges, plenty of which are brand new to its oddball and innovative scene. Part of that innovation is thanks to some very peculiar Oregon state laws dictating that every venue serving booze must carry a seven-item food menu as well. So expect a city loaded with bars cutting their respective jibs by perfectly aligning cocktail and food menus, while providing a region-specific flavor of music to ease it all together.

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Driftwood Room

 Driftwood RoomPortland, United StatesOne of Portlands classic lobby bars. Decor straight out of the sixties and intimate space makes for a great date night, or spot to watch out of towners mingle #casual #food #open-late #hotelbar #cocktailbar #fancy

An oldie-goodie that’s been around since the fifties. Located downtown in the heart of the Hotel Deluxe, this is a grand spot for people watching while sipping champagne cocktails and munching on free popcorn. Good for impressing dates and dressing up like Paul Newman or Grace Kelly.


 Stag PDXPortland, United StatesThere’s a new gay bar in town, and this one is loaded with bears and lumbersexuals. Great place to down a Jell-O shot while catching some dong. #dancing #cover-charge #club #stripclub #lumbersexual

Stag is the newest male strip club in Portland and a gay bar for the 21st century. From the Lumbersexual décor to the age of the patrons- this place has the energy a new bar needs to stand out in a standout town. The dudes hanging from ceiling and prancing on the bar are about as strong as the Jell-o shots


 Huber’s CafePortland, United StatesThe oldest restaurant in Portland also has its best Spanish coffee and turkey sandwiches. This is a multigenerational legend and must see. Make sure you go to the back room! #fine-dining #food #spanishcoffee #historic #classy

The longest operating bar in the city, this is where you go if you are looking for the best Spanish coffee in town served by a bartender in a tux. Be sure to go to the older room in the back if you want brush shoulders with Portlanders who have been partying there for generations. Also, rad turkey-themed menu.

Multnomah Whiskey Library

 Multnomah Whiskey LibraryPortland, United StatesRows upon rows of the best whiskey ever made, which you can enjoy in a leather chair by a fireplace. Private tasting room available. #casual #food #fancydress #whiskeybar #fireplace #cozy

Three years old and this bar is already a local legend. The leather-bound speakeasy is furnished with Portland’s most-stocked bar (1500 bottles, organized by region), a collection of chic den sofas and a real fireplace. This is where to go to forget about the Northwest’s winter gloom.

Goodfoot Pub & Lounge

 Goodfoot Pub & LoungePortland, United StatesBest place to play pool, look at some art, eat pub food and go dancing. Being essentially in the middle of the east side makes it great as a gathering spot #dancing #cover-charge #casual #livemusic #food #undergroundmusic #electronicmusic

When it comes to a crowd pleaser, the odds are in Goodfoot’s favor. Three cheap and fairly well-kept pool tables, a row of pinball machines, an ever-changing gallery of local art, decent food (with more spots nearby), and a basement music hall featuring a soul set with DJ Aquaman every Friday. Play. Dance. Drink beer. Eat fried pickles.


 Departure Restaurant + LoungePortland, United StatesOne of the best rooftop bars in town. Expensive and full of hot Angelenos looking for killer sushi. Also, sort of looks like a Star Trek spaceship on the inside #fine-dining #open-late #rooftopbar #sushi #sexy

Pricey for Portland, but you would be hard-pressed to find a more spectacular sushi menu in town. The panoramic views of the city from the top of The Nines hotel make this a quality date venue (or an even better spot to jam on some happy hour Koshihikari and udon noodles by yourself).

Palm Court

 The Palm CourtPortland, United StatesMad swank. This is probably the oldest and most bourgeois hotel lobby bar in the city. A gorgeous ceiling, jazz music and spectacularly debonair cocktail menu blend to make a solid fancy date spot #fine-dining #fancy #cocktail-bar #priceybutgooood

The classiest old hotel in town just so happens to have the best lobby bar. Palm Court’s cocktail menu is as unique and well crafted as the crystal chandeliers hanging between ornate wood pillars. Located almost dead center in the city, there are few spots more ideal to kick off an evening in.

White Owl Social Club

 White Owl Social ClubPortland, United StatesGood for dancing to some hipster electronica while munching on some tasty vegan food. The big back patio and humongous beer menu makes for a perfect summer spot #vegan #hipster #beer #dancing #casual #food #club #cover-charge

This revamped dive is trying to change people’s opinions about Portland’s once lackluster dancing scene- and it’s a good place to start. A spacious bar and equally big outdoor area sport a top-notch sound system that blares live acts and DJ sets. No cover charge and a plethora of cheap eats/drinks make this a hotspot for a younger crowd.

Doug Fir Lounge

 Doug Fir LoungePortland, United StatesOne of the younger classics of Portland with the coolest space-age interior in town. Always busy, always worth it #dancing #food #club #livemusic #musicvenue

There are few musical acts who would dare pass through Portland without trying to book a show at this East Side icon. Styled like a modernist log cabin with big booths and warm lighting, Doug Fir at the Jupiter hotel is must for every Portland newcomer.

Paris Theater

 Paris TheatrePortland, United StatesThe new Paris is about as Portland as it can be: burlesquey decor, tasty eats and lots of beer. One of the oldest and most interesting spaces in town #dancing #cover-charge #club #food #electronicmusic #livemusic

The new Paris, which replaced the old porn theater of the same name, is about to break onto the scene. Despite its decor serving as a throwback to its early days as a burlesque theater, there is nothing dusty about its sound and video system. Considering this is right next to Voodoo donuts, expect a fair number of out-of-towners.

Tugboat Brewing Company

 Tugboat Brewing CompanyPortland, United StatesPretty much the “Cheers” of downtown brew pubs. House beer, wine, snacks, and kids board games blend well with the quieter and cozy space. Definitely a place to go to on a shool night. #food #casual #brewpub #brewery

Another newbie to the Portland scene, only this beer/wine-only brewpub has sequestered a fine locale among some decades-old classics (Mary’s Club, Palm Court). A living-room bar with a 90’s feel, Tugboat goes in for some softer tunes, hot eats and stacks of board games to choose from. Good for a rainy day with an old friend.

Victoria Bar

 Victoria BarPortland, United StatesBest flipping bar food in town (also really solid cocktail menu). Check out the carnitas and the country boil. Definitely a new-Portland joint, but the staff had the old-Portland charm #cheap-eats #open-late #food #cocktailbar #hipster #roomy #outdoorseating

This cocktail bar goes all-in with the new cool of North Portland. It will give you fantastic opportunities to meet some of the city’s most entrepreneurial dude-bros just up from L.A. But, hey, those guys really know how to find a killer vegan menu and smoking patio.

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