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12 Things Us Oregonians Take for Granted

by Michelle DeVona Jul 13, 2016

Buying beer and wine at the movie theater.

Ever wanted to get sloshed while watching a shitty summer sequel? We get it. That’s why we made it legal.

Having more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks.

Take that, Seattle.

Highways that aren’t completely lined with urban sprawl.

Highway 26 towards the coast is basically a curvy road that weaves along country homes, small shops, forest, and local cafes.

Damn good Pinot Noir.

Made right in our Willamette Valley. The 2012 Estate Pinot Noir from Tyee Wine Cellars and the 2011 Alchemy Pinot Noir from Van Duzer Vineyards will rock your world and make you forget a little place called Napa Valley even exists.

Surreal misty hikes with overgrown forest lining your path.

We wouldn’t be able to enjoy our lush green landscape if it weren’t for all that rain we get.

Not having to stand outside refueling on a wet, windy day.

We don’t have to pump our own gas because we were smart enough to require full service stations.

Being able to drive from the temperate climate of the Cascades to the high desert of Central/Eastern Oregon in one day.

While most people associate Oregon with rain, we know that’s far from the truth. East of the Cascades, we can experience a completely different culture and scene, like the painted hills at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument or the Wild West towns of Pendleton or Joseph.

A population that appreciates our fresh, clean air.

We don’t have a major metropolis here (like L.A.) that spits toxins and pretty much sucks the life out of everything surrounding it. We have progressive Portland with its shops that exist off an inventory of artisan lightbulbs.

Brews made with freshly plucked hops.

In case you haven’t heard, we have amazing craft beer in Oregon because the Pacific Northwest is basically a breeding ground for these flavorful flowers. We’ve got Breakside IPA, Double Mountain IRA, and The Abyss Imperial Stout from Deschutes Brewery. Good beer extends far outside of Portland, especially in cities like Bend.

Being able to live in downtown Portland yet easily spend the day on nearby Mount Hood.

To go skiing in the summer.

Having access to year round outdoor activities.

Besides the many mountains that offer hiking and skiing year round, we also have ocean view trails along the coast AND we can climb sand dunes at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Not to mention rafting on Snake River or climbing at Smith Rock State Park.

Reliving our favorite childhood movies because they were filmed here.

Cannon Beach happens to be the film location for The Goonies, with Haystack Rock as the centerpiece. Brownsville, the small town where Stand by Me was filmed has remained untouched since the 1986 film. A walk through its streets is a time warp to the 1950s.

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