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12 Ways You Can Tell You're a Travel Junkie

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by Holly Robertson Sep 19, 2014

1. You can make friends with anyone just about anywhere. Anywhere. You once had a lovely sushi dinner with a French girl you met on a San Francisco park bench. You taught a Swedish guy about American democracy while wandering around the Louvre. You even toured the Tower of London with a Chinese girl you met in a public restroom.

2. You’ve run out of pages in your passport.

3. You’ve either quit or been on the verge of quitting your high-paying job to farm sheep in New Zealand.

4. When your friends ask you for help planning a trip, you find yourself feeling more and more excited, till the next thing you know you’re climbing into a van with them on the way to a trailhead. They haven’t really invited you, but it doesn’t matter. They’re just as obsessed with getting lost as you.

5. You try really hard not to start every sentence with “When I was in…” But you fail almost every time. And even if your friend’s eyes glaze over, you carry on with your story of Thailand or Majorca or Vancouver Island. And, truth be told, you’d rather listen to their travel stories than anything else they have to say.

6. You might regularly misplace your keys or cellphone, but you always know where to find your passport.

7. You live out of a suitcase even when at home.

8. You check Kayak and SkyScanner more than Facebook. Sure, you’re probably missing out on the joys of potty-training a firstborn or the reliving of drunken college glory days as experienced by friends you hardly know anymore. But you know finding a roundtrip flight to Lima, Peru, for under $600 is a hell of a lot more exciting.

9. You don’t have a lot of belongings, especially if you can’t carry them on your back. Who needs a kitchen table when you can eat dim-sum sitting cross-legged on your living-room floor?

10. Your favorite place is the one you haven’t been to yet.

11. You have more photos of mountains in Alaska or a little canyon in Utah (or some lump of a hill whose name you can’t remember) than you do of your family and friends.

12. The minute you saw this title, you knew you had to find out — not because you want help, definitely not because you want a cure — just because you’d rather be a travel junkie than anything else.

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