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15+ Crucial Spots to See in Arizona

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by Matador Community Dec 10, 2016

If when you think of Arizona, you imagine a desert, you’re only getting half of the picture. Yes, Arizona’s southern portion is dry and hot, the perfect place to spend a winter. But travel north and you’ll find your car struggling to climb over mountains, you’ll find snow-covered forests filled with spruce and Douglas fir. In Arizona, you get canyons and hot springs. You get hiking and skiing, all at the same time of year.

Here are some of our favorite spots in AZ. You can find these and others on Matador Network’s travelstoke app, where you can use them to create trip-planning lists of your own.

1. Havasupai Campground

 Havasupai CampgroundSupai, United States#hiking #waterfalls

2. Lower Antelope Canyon

 Lower Antelope CanyonLeChee, United StatesExplore one of the most famous slot canyons in Northern AZ #hiking #extreme

3. Cape Royal Picnic Area

 Cape Royal Picnic AreaNorth Rim, United StatesThe North Rim of the Grand Canyon makes for some fun night sky photography looking out over the canyon. This shot was taken from the Cape Royal viewpoint.

4. Horseshoe Bend

 Horshoe Bend, Page, AZGrand Canyon Village, United StatesGet up close and personal with the edge

5. Grand Canyon National Park

 Grand Canyon National ParkNorth Rim, United StatesDoes it get any better than this? #nationalpark

6. Maricopa Point

 Maricopa PointGrand Canyon Village, United StatesEarly morning look of the Grand Canyon from Maricopa Point. Great spot to catch a sunrise! #views #photography

7. Navajo Point

 Navajo PointGrand Canyon Village, United StatesThere is much more to the Grand Canyon than the lodge and a few overlooks, but gawd how those views whet the appetite for exploring further. #hiking

8. Monument Valley

 Monument ValleyOljato-Monument Valley, United StatesThe thumb in Monument Valley. Did the drive around through the park. Was a bit rushed and would have loved to do some hiking in and around here. #photography #views

9. Mather Point

 Mather PointGrand Canyon Village, United StatesBreathtaking

10. Page Springs Cellars

 Page Springs CellarsCornville, United StatesLovely winery in the middle of Arizona. A beautiful property to wander around and a really nice tasting room with friendly staff. Definitely worth a stop if driving through the valley. #winetasting #winery

11. Navajo National Monument

 Navajo National MonumentKayenta, United StatesIn between Page and Monument Valley I think this spot is often overlooked by people but it shouldn’t be. It’s such a beautiful area. A beautiful canyon in an interesting environment and three different Ancient ruins you can hike to. Some overnight trips. I vow to come back here and do some serious exploration because it was quite icy and snowy when we were there and not prepared for that (not that I ever am). I think you can spend a surprising amount of time in this area and it is just so beautiful with a unique natural environment you don’t see often AND immense amount of history and culture. A special spot. Next time an overnight for sure for me. #hiking #history #camping

12. Cathedral Rock

 Cathedral RockSedona, United States#hiking #sedona #cathedralrock

13. Siphon Draw

 Siphon DrawApache Junction, United StatesA committing hike with some serious elevation gain just outside Phoenix, AZ
#hiking #extreme #photography #camping

14. Hermit’s Rest

 Hermit’s RestGrand Canyon Village, United StatesDown the hermit trail towards dripping springs on the north west end of the canyon. A lot less people on this hike and a nice trail. #hiking

15. Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

 Flagstaff Extreme Adventure CourseFlagstaff, United StatesTest your limits while playing in the trees… fun for all ages and abilities. #ropescourse

16. Maverick Helicopters

 Maverick HelicoptersGrand Canyon Village, United StatesThe absolute best way to experience the Grand Canyon is from above! #nationalpark #helicopter

17. Bell Rock

 Bell RockSedona, United StatesOmmm

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