1. Hiking North America’s tallest volcano — Pico de Orizaba — isn’t exciting enough for you.

2. Why would you go to Mexico for snow?

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3. Camping is your least favourite activity.

4. Mexico is all about ocean and beaches, not being above the clouds, right?

5. You’re not into feeling small.

6. Not ANOTHER ancient ruins!

7. You’re just not the adventurous type.

8. Why would you bother hiking to waterfalls when you hate to swim?

9. You never walk on rocks, it’s way too dangerous!

10. If you see one more gorgeous sunset you’re going to throw up.

11. Stunning views are super distracting.

12. Hiking a dormant volcano? Are you crazy?!

13. You don’t want to escape your comfort zone.

14. Copper Canyon? But you’ve already been to the Grand Canyon!

15. Awesome hikes just out of the city? Way too convenient.

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