15 Sights Only Someone From Portland Would Recognize

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by Alex Scola Jul 23, 2015

1. The city on a rare sunny day, from “that one” Portland Boathouse dock:

City swim lyfe with @racheljoyn.

A photo posted by Samuel Nagel (@samuel.nagel) on

2. The ever-elusive “lack of line” outside Voodoo doughnuts:

3. One of the countless secret breweries tucked into the strangest places:

Gigantic Brewery!! Love this place! #gigantic #giganticbrewery #portlandbeer #pdxbeer #microbeer #micro #micropubs

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4. The view of Southeast from the skytram (as opposed to the view of the skytram from Southeast):

5. The day-brightening rainbow of food trucks at the Portland Mercado:

Stay cool! Frozen beverages + AC are inside!

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6. A completely deserted Punchbowl Falls after hours of hiking the Eagle Creek Trail:

7. The times when Portland took “street art” a little too literally, like at Sunnyside Piazza:

8. What this is (and why it’s culturally significant):

Before and after #PDXcarpet, I leave it for you to judge.

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9. This little plastic cup, which is the most important thing for one week in July:


10. The transition from “work time” to “play time” on the big neon sign at NW Park and Davis:

Get more lit @hale5t0rm #portland

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11. Your friendly, neighborhood sky-dicks:

Well, lookie what I found hanging in #stjohns #dildos #dildo #keepportlandweird #howsithangin #portland #pdxasfux

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12. Drowning in the Timbers army wave on a summer night home-game at Providence Park:

13. People perfectly playing painted randomly-parked pop-up pianos:


14. The drunken shenanigans of folks doing the Barton to Carver float:

This Google Stock Image of the float makes me have withdrawals. #Bartontocarver #clackamasriver #IMissYou

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15. And finally, the answer to the age old question:

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