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The 17 Best Drinks in Paris and Where to Find Them

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by Doni Belau Jan 8, 2016

Right after the Paris attacks, local Parisian restaurant and bar owners began shouting a rallying phrase, Tous au Bistrot! In response we began seeing the hashtags #TousauBistrot and #JeSuisenTerrasse, which is basically a very French F-you to the terrorists.

To make it easy for us all to give the finger to those who don’t want to let us enjoy our Parisian way of life, we have compiled here a list of the 17 most delicious drinks in Paris and where to find them, so you too can continue to support France in 2016 in the most delicious way possible.

1. Lea D’Asco at the Lulu White bar

It’s a combo of English and French ingredients: absinthe, gin, and Lillet. Order one and stay seated for a while.

2. 100% Winter Vitamin at the Buddha Bar

If you’ve not been able to stick to your New Year’s detox plan, this might be the perfect solution. 100% Winter Vitamin is made with Aperal, Cynar, Lime, apricot & yuzu jam, and fresh carrot and apple juice — it’s a cocktail that’s almost good for you.

3. Sherry Cherie at the Red House

Say “Hi” to Jen Riley and ask her for a Sherry Cherie made with Sherry, curacao, tamarind water and champagne. The rosemary garnish adds the perfect touch. This is a down-and-dirty, start-early-and-stay-late kind of place that is very friendly and also very cool, not a combo that is easy to find in Paris.

4. Verbena cocktail at Le Royal Monceau

Put on your high heels and stop into the Le Royal Monceau hotel to order a Verbena Cocktail made with Velvet Falernum, verbena infused gin, lavender syrup and apple juice. A floral wonder that will take you back to the lazy carefree days of summer.

5. Capri C’est Fini at the Bespoke Bar

It’s one of the best drinks in the French capital. Created by Nico of Bespoke bar, it combines cherry tomatoes and basil with balsamic vinegar, sugarcane and Rum. Yes it sounds odd but everyone who tries it loves it.

6. Tijuana Swizzle at the Park Hyatt Vendome Bar

Mezcal lovers will fall for this drink made with coffee beans, Mezcal, pepper syrup, apricot, ginger and lime. Hot, sweet, citrusy and strong, it’s got all the flavor profiles covered.

7. Chamber G n T at the Chamber

It’s a simple drink but its all about the ingredients. Forest Collins’ underground private cocktail club is where you’ll find her go-to drink made with Citadelle Gin and Feverfew tonic and garnished with a violet. Tell her Doni from Girls’ Guide to Paris sent you and for a small fee, you’ll get in.

8. Bloody Mary at L’Apicius

L’Apicius is a Michelin star restaurant and bar in the 8th, but don’t worry you don’t have to pony up for the expensive meal. You can just go to the bar and sample this delicious variation made with muddled fresh grape tomatoes, BBQ bitters, and cranberry juice. Yeah, it sounds weird but, trust me, many months later, its so good that I’m still wondering if all of it was a dream.

9. 1789 at Harry’s NY Bar

Celebrate the historic storming of the Bastille at one of the oldest bars in Paris by sipping on a 1789 — French made Bastille Whiskey, Bonal Quina, and Lillet from Bordeaux.

10. La Piste Verte at La Conserverie

Romain makes a delightful winter treat called la Piste Verte (the bunny slope) made with Génépi — a liqueur from the Alps made with evergreen needles. It’s bright green and very refreshing. Juices, vodka and honey compliment the evergreen hue and flavor.

11. Education Sentimentale at Shake n’ Smash

This drink was named after the Flaubert novel, L’Éducation Sentimentale. French novelist Gustave Flaubert hails from Normandy and all ingredients involved come from his home region. It is served in a cognac snifter laying sideways on a bed of crushed ice with dried apple slices a cinnamon stick and served on a coaster made from a page of the book with burned edges.

12. De la Bretagne at Copper Bay

Brittany in a glass. Made with Tupelo Mead honey, rye whiskey, Pommeau (a cider-like drink) and Bénédictine, this cocktail will make your mouth sing.

13. A Bobo Parisien at Jefrey’s

This delicious drink is made with Gin, St. Germain, Kina L’Avion D’Or and Rhubarb bitters. Guillaume, its creator, serves his recipe in an old tea cup making it ever so Bobo and delicious.

14. Smoky Spicy Margarita at Le Calbar

Bring your male-oriented friends to this bar in the 12th and sip on this oh-so-tasty margarita while watching the bartenders and waiters in their shirts, bowties, and boxer shorts…..No pants!

15. La Conquistador at the Gossima Ping Pong bar

With Reposado tequila and chocolate bitters, this drink will perk up your night. Bring a bunch of friends and play ping pong all night long while sipping superb cocktails or a simple pint.

16. Coffee Old Fashioned at Death By Burrito

This sublime cocktail is created with tequila infused with coffee plus agave syrup and angostura bitters. Kinda like a grown up Vodka Red Bull.

17. Faço Maria at Maria Loca

Michael, the co-owner of this inviting little joint that specializes in rum, is proud of his homemade Maria Loca spiced rum. Order his Faço Maria to get its full effect — I predict you’ll settle in for another after you’ve finished the first.

If you cannot make it to Paris, you can pick up the Paris Cocktails book and make these at home.

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