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17 experiences to have in Ohio before you die

Photo: Mark B

Matt Hershberger

1. Nearly die of an internal trauma on the Beast at King’s Island.

2. At least try it.

3. Do something weird with science at COSI.


5. Nerd out over Rock ‘n’ Roll kitsch at the Hall of Fame.

6. Visit Shawshank.

7. Do some urban exploration in Cincinnati’s abandoned subway.

8. Go really overboard during Halloween in Athens.

9. Go bouldering in Hocking Hills.

10. Burn out your adrenal gland at Cedar Point.

11. Pick a side.

12. Nerd out at the Wright-Patt Dayton Air Show.

13. Party with the Poles at Dyngus Day in Cleveland.

14. Party with the Germans at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati.

15. Embrace your inner hippie at Comfest.

16. Drink ALL THE BEERS.

17. Eat too much at Tony Packo’s in Toledo.

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