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17 Ways You Know You've Become Culturally British

by Amaia Dec 15, 2014

1. You don’t own a coffee maker. What for, anyway? All you just need is a kettle for tea, and you’re sorted.

2. You kinda like mince pies. Well, not really, no one does, but it is Christmas time, so you’ll eat just one, thank you.

3. You deem a “nice day” any day it doesn’t rain. And by rain, you mean buckets of rain, because you now consider drizzle to be pretend rain and it doesn’t count.

4. You actually like the Royal family. And you care what they do.

5. You don’t hesitate to call everyone by their first name — your boss, your banker, your doctor…

6. You apologise to people you bump into and you apologise to people who bump into you.

7. When someone crosses you, you show your utter disappointment by silently staring at them until they realise how rude they were (which may be never).

8. You think there is only one way to write colour.

9. You will never admit it to your friends back home, but you know everyone on Made in Chelsea and you love to hate them.

10. You now have very serious debates on the best way to make tea. “Proper” tea. (“Milk first, no sugar.”)

11. You either have dinner at 6pm right after work or go to the pub after leaving the office and have dinner at 11pm. There is no in-between.

12. You discovered Primark and have now stopped shopping there as you realised it is a special kind of hell — and maybe it’s just not worth it.

13. You love the sun and you hate the Sun.

14. You’ve learnt not to rely too much on public transportation — “engineering works” is never far away.

15. You still don’t understand cricket, but that’s normal as it’s a made-up sport and most English people don’t get it either.

16. You now think it’s normal that people in Yorkshire have special words to count sheep.

17. You’d rather spend Christmas here than in your home country — they have crackers!

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