18 Things You Have to Do in Honduras Before You Die

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by Henry Leonel Cárcamo Macoto Sep 22, 2016

1. Tour the Caves of Taulabe.

You will enjoy the roar of the mountain. You just need a great group of friends to have a good time.

2. Explore the canopy in La Campa, Lempira.

It’s over 300 meters high, with views of the canon below and zipline ride.

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3. If the canopy is not enough adrenaline, go skydiving over the Bay of Tela.

It will be the most tropical free fall of your life.

4. Go snorkeling in the National Marine monument of Cayos Cochinos.

This archipelago is surrounded by coral reefs that form the Mesoamerican Coral reef, the second largest in the world.

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5. Swim with the whale shark, the biggest fish of the world, in the pristine waters of the island of Utila, a wonderful experience.

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6. Raft the Cangrejal River.

These are some of the most fun rapids in Central America. The river is within the Pico Bonito National Park, with peaks reaching 2435 meters over the Caribbean coast.

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7. Like every good catracho, eat baleadas (flour tortillas with refried beans, sour cream and cheese), especially by the railroad tracks in the city of La Ceiba.

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8. Be part of the liberation of almost 30,000 Ridley Turtles along the southern coast of Honduras.

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9. Explore the tunnels under the temples of Copan Ruins.

Underground Mayan temples include the Marrgarita and Rosalila.

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10. Climb the highest mountain in Honduras, Celaque (2849 meters above sea level).

11. Look for the Honduran national bird, the Guacamaya or Red Guara.

Best place to find them: Macaw Mountain Park.

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12. Visit Punta Castilla in Trujillo.

You can also visit Capiro and Calentura National Parks.

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13. Contemplate the most orange sunsets of your live at the Gulf of Fonseca.

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14. Sight some of the 407 species of birds that habitat within the area of the Lake of Yojoa.

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15. In Guanaja, one of our remote islands, check the night sky view.

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16. Learning some words in Garifuna like “Good morning” (buiti binafi).

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17. Check out Lenca indigenous groups who create famous and colorful Lenca fabrics.

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18. Spend time among the local people, getting to know the true Honduran “Catracho” pride!

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