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20 Dilemmas Only Mexicans Understand

by Rodrigo Macías Apr 25, 2016
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1. Which salsa should I add to make this even more delicious? Red, green, chipotle, casera, Valentina… which one? Help!

2. Do I … cancel my vote? Vote for the “menos peor” candidate? Or just not show up?

3. When I get offered más comidita and I’m already stuffed… do I say the truth and hurt that person’s feelings? Or do I make a supernatural effort to finish another full serving (which by the way could be enough to feed a family of four)?

4. Do I get there on time to impress everyone and risk being the only one there and get bored? Or instead do I join the crowd and arrive late to the event?

5. Should I be responsible and do my homework? Or should I plot with the rest of the group to tell the teacher “you didn’t leave any homework”?

6. Do I do that thing right now that I have time or do I leave it for tomorrow? (Who knows why this dilemma pretty much always ends up with the same answer).

7. Do I call a handyman to fix that broken thing at home? Or do I look for a good youtube tutorial and give it a shot on my own?

8. Do I go to a qualified doctor with my health problem? Or should I ask my abuela for one of her many remedies?

9. Do I have eggs or quesadillas for breakfast?

10. When I don’t want to go to someone’s party, do I say “Yes, I’ll go to your party” and then never show up? Or do I tell them “maybe I’ll go” and then not show up? Since you know that even if you want to say “no, I’m not going”, your mouth isn’t going to obey you.

11. Do I pay attention to my gastritis or my antojo?

12. Should I be responsible and feel bad for not taking advantage of this opportunity to see my childhood friends? Or should I go to their party and call in sick the next day?

13. Do I call a taxi/uber or should I use public transport so I have money left for the after-tacos?

14. When I’m the last one to leave home… do I leave the lights on to scare off the ladrones? Or should I feel bad for the planet?

15. Do I throw away these hard tortillas or should I make them into chilaquiles/tortilla soup?

16. Do I eat the torta now that I’m hungry or should I wait until “el recreo”?

17. Do I tell my suegra the truth that I didn’t really like her meal? Or do I compliment it and risk being served the same thing for the rest of my life together with her daughter/son?

18. When I can’t handle spicy food in public… do I admit it and scream for a glass of water? Or do I hold it inside and let my tears come out disguised as sweat?

19. Should I take a chamarra and maybe carry it all day without using it? Or do I leave it at home and risk dying of frío?

20. Do I tell my boss that their style of leadership is now obsolete and risk getting fired? Do I play along until I can find a better job with a less archaic mind? Or better yet, should I tell my primo that actually yes I do want to spend all my life savings opening a taquería with him?

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