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20 Signs You Grew Up Celebrating the Holidays in LA

Los Angeles
by Sarah de los Cobos Dec 11, 2015

1. You probably sat on Santa’s lap in an outdoor mall.

2. Your Christmas tree was sourced from a Home Depot, not a real outdoor farm.

3. You can’t remember the last time it was cold enough to wear a sweater on Christmas.

4. You know Candy Cane Lane holds the best neighborhood light display around.

5. You played in snow brought down from the mountains in someone’s truck.

6. You visited the LA Zoo Holiday Lights in Griffith Park or the Mission Inn Festival of Lights.

7. You watched the news to see what winter looks like for the rest of the country.

8. You love the Yule Log Channel on TV because you don’t use your chimneys.

9. You’ve attended the Rose parade or gone to see the floats beforehand at least once.

10. You feel bad when the rest of the country ices over, but not really.

11. You’ve never had homemade mulled wine.

12. You loved attending the Magic Snow Show at The Grove every year.

13. You’ve gone ice skating at the Staples Center in jeans and a T-shirt.

14. The only snowmen you’ve made were made from sand at the beach.

15. You fought traffic on the 405, the 101 or the 5 to get to family on the holidays.

16. You’ve opened windows or turned on the A/C so you could huddle under blankets and drink hot cocoa.

17. A visit to Disneyland at Christmas or Knott’s Merry Farm was tradition.

18. You had to rent a cabin in the mountains just to experience a white Christmas.

19. You talk about going to NYC for New Year’s but never will because it looks too cold.

20. Your big screen TV is from shopping on Black Friday.

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