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by Dayana Aleksandrova Jan 23, 2017

THE TRICK TO BARCELONA’S nightlife is to try different options and not spend all your late nights and money on the fancy beach clubs. From zombies to skaters and sexy nuns — check out these 20 places to spice up your nightlife experience.

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Renaissance Barcelona Hotel

 Renaissance Barcelona HotelBarcelona, SpainFancy hotel with a great rooftop bar. I used to go to their weekly “after work” parties for a glass of wine (reasonably priced, nice surprise) and mingling with locals and expats in chill atmosphere with good music. Get there before sunset and watch the sun go down over our beautiful city. #drinks #casual

The George Payne

 The George Payne Irish barBarcelona, SpainA super popular expat spot, the George Payne is fun and has great drink deals. I mean, if you’re gonna buy a beer, might as well get a bucket of 5, right? I always say I’m not doing karaoke there, yet I cave every time and so should you. #bar #casual

Betty Fords

 Bar Betty FordBarcelona, SpainCozy American/ Irish pub in raval. #casual #food

Foxy Bar

 Foxy BarBarcelona, SpainInstead of drinking at the crowded bars along la rambla, stray to the right towards raval a bit and chill at Foxy. Good music, relaxed vibe and cheap snacks. Drop by every Monday at 8pm to catch the movie they’re showing for the week. #food #casual

Bar Marsella

 Bar MarsellaBarcelona, SpainOne of the oldest, if not the oldest bar in Barcelona. Absinthe is what everyone comes here for. Picasso and Dali #nightlife used to frequent this bar back in the day #history

Macarena Club

 Macarena ClubBarcelona, SpainA smaller nightclub not too many people know about, especially not tourists. DJs play electronic music and there is a small stage you can dance on that’s always fun. (Let me know if you find my credit card somewhere around there, ha). Be nice to the bouncer and keep quiet on the street to respect the neighbors- that’s a city-wide rule. Cover charge is €10. #dancing #club #casual #cover-charge

El Bombón

 El Bombón SalsaBarcelona, SpainAwesome salsa bar in gótic. Even if you can’t dance, do what I do and sway side to side with a mojito in hand. Always easy to find a dancing partner and meet locals and expats. #salsa #dancing #casual

Tasca El Corral

 Tasca El CorralBarcelona, SpainThis bar embodies everything visitors think about Spain – delicious food, friendly staff and cheap drinks. The €1 house vermouth is an absolute hit and I’ve got to say, very good. The ham…oh, man! Just look up and you’ll see the delicious goodness hanging from the ceiling. (Don’t try to jump and grab it, you’ll only make a fool of yourself, I did). Do order a sandwich from the menu – this one is a toasted piece of bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil with pieces of jamón Serrano on top. #cheap-eats #open-late #food #casual

Sala Apolo

 Sala ApoloBarcelona, SpainApolo is great if you’re truly a music connoisseur. It’s a 2-story venue, where the first plays electronic and techno while the second has more mainstream tunes. Apolo has a themed party every day of the week – Nasty Mondays being a popular one. Unlike the beach clubs which are super fancy and require smart dress code, here you can show up in hiking boots. There’s a cover charge.


 RazzmatazzBarcelona, SpainRazz always soothes my soul. Loud electronic music, few floors, good rooftop. It’s more casual than the beach clubs because the performers they bring are less mainstream, such as Joris Delacroix and Tube & Berger which are names you’d know if you’re really into deep house. #dancing #club #cover-charge

La Terrraza Atmospherical Fun Club

 La Terrrazza Atmospherical fun clubBarcelona, SpainArguably the best club in town, la terrazza is big, spacious and located in an old Spanish village setup up by Montjuïc. Music is electronic and whatever’s popular at the moment. Drinks are expensive, obviously. Dress fancy. Get your entry ticket online and pay €13 instead of full price at the door. #dancing #club #cover-charge


 Paradiso / Pastrami BarBarcelona, SpainIf you go to this spot expecting a super cool bar and only find a pastrami shop, don’t cry just yet. Paradiso is a speakeasy, so be cool and the secret door will be opened for you. Everyone knows you didn’t just come for the pastrami sandwich (or did you?). Cocktails are quite pricy here but are worth the atmosphere and the creative combinations. #speakeasy #open-late

Sor Rita

 Sor Rita BarBarcelona, SpainThere is something deliciously wrong about this whole bar’s style and this is why everyone loves it. Self-titled as a “kitsch” bar, Sor Rita beings to life naughty nuns, cabaret, leopard and Almodóvar’s imagination. Cocktails are good, location great and entertainment never lacks. (I like the cocktail + tarot Monday’s) #bar #funky #kitsch


 ManchesterBarcelona, SpainManchester is everything you’d expect it to be based on the name – fun, loud and with ample supplies of booze. There are 2 locations, I prefer the one in Gothic because it’s located right on the circular plaza (only circular plaza in the city, I hear – super photogenic spot). The usual a of this bar are not only British (though a ton are) but also all sorts of beer enthusiasts from all over the place. #bar #food #casual


 NevermindBarcelona, SpainNevermind is one of the favorite skater bars in town. You can literally board indoors while sipping on a beer, I mean what’s better than that? It’s frequented by a really chill crowd and is perfect to start the night at. #skater #bar #casual


 The BollocksBarcelona, SpainTake a trip to the past and hang out with Eddie the Head, Guns’n’Roses and the old time rock classics while cheap beer flows. #beer #rock

Polaroid Bar

 Polaroid BarBarcelona, SpainSo. Much. Nostalgia. This bar brings you back to the time of paceman, Pearl Jam and 80’s movies. Cocktails are cheap and delicious so just go ahead and lose yourself in this retro-chill vibe. #cocktails #bar #rock #retro #casual

La Fianna

 La FiannaBarcelona, SpainYou know those nights when you can’t decide between hitting up the bar or indulging in the sweet comfort of your bed? I present you the solution. La Fianna has not only an awesome bar, but a great lounge area with comfy sofas where you can kick back and enjoy a cocktail and a delicious curry dinner. #food #casual #open-late

La República

 La República RestoBarBarcelona, SpainGrilled meat and potatoes! Let me back up, relaxed atmosphere, €2,50 mojitos and great food. Check out the walls painted in reference to pop culture, the city and food. #food #casual

The Lime House

 The Lime HouseBarcelona, SpainIf you’re a gin lover, you need to know this spot. Dozens of gin flavors at €7 per glass. (It’s a huge glass, too!) They are app house-made and delicious. I like the lemongrass, grapefruit and strawberry mint flavors. Ask the bartender for a recommendation. #bar

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