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23 Signs You Were Born to Travel

Budget Travel
by Matt Hershberger Oct 9, 2014

1. You can make friends anywhere, but are just as happy to sit in silence by yourself.

2. You’ve always been willing to try anything once. Except maybe heroin and Kopi Luwak coffee.

3. You have very specific airport security and customs strategies.

4. You’ve always been good at Tetris, and understand how to translate those skills into a real life packing scenario.

5. You know the word for “Cheers” in seventeen languages.

6. Your decorating style relies heavily on maps.

7. The term “All Inclusive” makes you gag.

8. The first thing you think when you see a motorcycle is “freedom” and not “crushed skull.”

9. You’ve held on to a demolished pair of old jeans because the rips and wear on them all have corresponding stories from abroad.

10. You consider your medical history full of exotic diseases to be more like a trophy case.

11. You’ve never had an issue with taking the longer route as long as you have good company or a decent book.

12. You’re praying for the airline to bump you off your boring business trip flight so you can get the free credits.

13. You have — at least at one point in your life — thought of an RV as a better investment than a house.

14. You’ve never actually finished a checklist because you can’t stop adding things to it.

15. Your measure of whether someone is a good friend or not is, “Would he be a dick to me after being awake for 17 hours straight on a non-sleeper train?”

16. Over the course of your entire life, you’ve spent months in train stations, bus terminals, and airports.

17. You’re less interested in jobs that offer two-weeks vacation and more interested in jobs that offer year-long sabbaticals.

18. You’ve always thought “Curiosity killed the cat” is a dumb proverb. And even if it’s true: good for the cat.

19. You’ve daydreamed about working for National Geographic.

20. You have a dog-eared copy of On the Road, Into the Wild, The Motorcycle Diaries, or Eat, Pray, Love on your nightstand pretty much all the time.

21. The idea that a lot of people do not even own a passport offends you to your core.

22. You’re okay with doing something embarrassing or stupid, as long as you’re able learn from it.

23. When people ask you, “Where do you want to go next?” You can never choose just one place.

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