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23 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Travel

by Cathy Brown Aug 26, 2014

1. Every single story you ever tell starts with “When I was in…”

2. You think of home as more of a pit stop than a long-term destination.

3. You enthusiastically read guidebooks like most people get into novels.

4. You have no fewer than five different types of currency in your wallet.

5. Your backpack or suitcase is never fully unpacked.

6. You take toilet paper everywhere you go out of habit.

7. You pass on the extra stamps in your passport, like those you can get at Machu Picchu, because you know you’re going to need every square inch of space for actual border crossings.

8. Being jet-lagged feels completely normal.

9. You annoy people by speaking in airport codes instead of actual city names.

10. You find yourself asking “Where you from?” instead of “How are you?”

11. You feel a good world map is the ultimate wall decor.

12. You have frequent-flier status on multiple airlines.

13. When you think of prices, you put things in terms of how long that money could last you on the road. “Those jeans cost what I could live off of for a week in Peru!” “Just one of his mortgage payments could set me up nicely in Southeast Asia for half a year!!”

14. When people ask what you do and you say “travel,” you forget they probably meant what you do for a living.

15. You think of potable tap water and free bathrooms that come with toilet paper as complete luxuries.

16. You can pick up your backpack or suitcase and know instantly whether you’ve met the airline weight limit or not. And you know all the airlines’ weight limits by heart.

17. You work only to fund your next trip. When that goal has been reached, you instantly quit your job and take off.

18. Your absurdly long bucket list consists only of places to go.

19. You can pack your bags for a three-month trip and be out the door in five minutes flat, if necessary.

20. You have way more friends in different countries than you do where you grew up.

21. You are planning your next trip (or two) before you’ve even finished the one you’re on.

22. Your personal version of torturous hell is the thought of being forced to stay in the same place the rest of your life.

23. Waking up at home feels really strange and disorienting.

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