1. Yuck, Neptune’s Net for lunch again?

2. I’ve hiked the Grotto Trail, don’t bother.

3. Let’s rent Segways and take them down the pier!

4. I’ll meet you at the convention center; I’m taking the metro.

5. I should move to a nicer place. Rent’s too cheap in Silverlake.

6. Sorry I’m so early, I just sailed down Sunset Boulevard.

7. I love my iPhone 4S, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading this year.

8. Follow me, I know a shortcut down South Figueroa.

9. I got a parking spot right out front of Library Bar!

10. Just take PCH, the construction project in Santa Monica isn’t THAT bad.

11. I’ve never had In-N-Out before.

12. Seeing Beyonce at Gelson’s is getting annoying. I’m staying out of The Palisades.

13. It’s only a few blocks from Hollywood and Highland to Vine, let’s just walk there.

14. I’ve decided to move to the Valley!

15. Come outside! It’s snowing on Olvera Street!

16. I couldn’t find a Starbucks, so I just got coffee from the gas station.

17. I took my grandma to lunch at The Abbey today.

18. Anyone want to go to the Glendale Galleria the weekend before Christmas?

19. I love driving the 101 South in the rain, everyone is so much more careful.

20. What’s a rainbow roll?

21. So I met this GREAT guy at Coachella.

22. Venice is too mellow, let’s go somewhere more lively.

23. Get on the 405; it’s faster, I promise.