1. Oh, I can just post something on Facebook and I’m sure I know someone looking for a roomie.
  2. (after only a few likes from close friends) I should start checking Craigslist.
  3. I’m old enough to live alone, I should look into studios and 1 bedrooms.
  4. So, “Roomshares” it is!
  5. Wasn’t there a Craigslist killer once?
  6. Who would ever live in a co-op?
  7. Do I identify as “cis-female”?
  8. Awww, I love this place: 1300 with 2 great girls, washer dryer in unit, and an adorable dog? Perfect!
  9. (after no response) I should broaden my expectations but still uphold my standards, I mean, this is going to be where I live.
  10. 1600 flat in the mission, coin operated laundry in building, and garden? That could work!
  11. (after no response) Alright, I’ll be more open minded and flexible.
  12. I can be chill, I can be fun.
  13. I can be SO professional, I can be SO busy
  14. I can be vegan?
  15. I definitely couldn’t live with 3 dudes.
  16. How do I not know anyone who needs a roommate?
  17. (Vegan house replies) I could never actually be vegan.
  18. I would never live in the Sunset, way too far.
  19. Furnished room in the heart of the mission for $850? Has to be a scam.
  20. Maybe I could live in the Sunset…
  21. 4/20 friendly. I can live with that…
  22. 1300 for washer/dryer in unit? I totally could live with 3 dudes…
  23. Maybe I should start looking in Oakland…