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26 Signs You Grew Up in Canada in the 80s

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by Dorene Wharton Oct 23, 2015

1. You convinced your parents to stay up late on Saturday night to see Bob and Doug on SCTV.

2. Not only could you recite the Littlest Hobo’s “Maybe Tomorrow” but you were heart-broken when it was cancelled.

3. Your weekend was complete with a refilled crate from the Pop Shoppe, with a variety pack of flavors including Pineapple, Cream Soda, Lime Rickey and Root Beer.

4. Your Degrassi heartthrob was Joey Jeremiah, not Drake. When Spike got pregnant, it was a pivotal moment in your upbringing.

5. You were devastated when Gretzky was traded and left Canada.

6. You wanted Ben Johnson’s ‘9.79’ tattooed on your arm at first.

7. You browsed through A&A or Sam the Record Man for hours looking for cassette singles and 45s.

8. When the Loonie arrived, you felt richer but it was only your wallet getting heavier.

9. You got the afternoon off to see Rick Hanson’s Man in Motion tour travel through your hometown.

10. You could name all the Much Music VJs.

11. You remember trips to Eaton’s Surprise Sale and picking up sweet deals.

12. You begged your parents for a road trip to Speaker’s Corner to share your views.

13. Thanks to Corey Hart, you wore sunglasses at night and it was cool.

14. Your movie viewing grew to a whole new level with Super Channel and First Choice.

15. You spent hours sculpting your coif with gel and hairspray to mimic the styles of Platinum Blonde.

16. You witnessed the mullet evolve to the rat-tail.

17. You learned your hockey skills from Peter Puck.

18. You were on the forefront of fashion, the first generation to wear acid wash, neon, and jelly shoes.

19. You remember Bryan Adams when he was considered a Canadian performer.

20. Afterschool consisted of a Slurpee at the “Sev.”

21. Chilliwack and Toronto weren’t just cities.

22. Working For The Weekend was your Friday theme song on your Walkman.

23. Your hockey apparel included Cooperalls.

24. You remember the stubbie and maybe even drank from one.

25. Revelstoke or Beaver Lumber was your Home Depot.

26. You lived through the Trudeau years and respect that it is happening again 31 years later.

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