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Standing on the rocky Canadian shoreline with fog snaking into the valleys and trees leaning away from the wind, it’s easy to be wrapped up in the beauty of the moment.

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What’s often difficult is imagining the grand scale of Canada, whether it’s the diversity of its landscapes (rocky fjords, high mountain peaks, vast prairie, thick forests, and arctic tundra are just a few of the highlights) or the cultural plurality of its urban centers. If you’re looking for extreme solitude or to push your limits, Canada offers both.

Matador highlights the Yukon Arctic Ultra race as well as featuring some of the best places in Canada for hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. Want to get out and explore? There are guides on road and train trips that can get you out into the middle of all of that vastness. Then, come in from the outdoors with features on getting the most out of visiting Canada’s multi-cultural cities.



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