Banff, Alberta


Powder Days in the Canadian Rockies

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Finding great snow in Lake Louise...with a 7-year-old guide

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Learning from the environment at Mt. Norquay in Banff, Canada

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Girls' snow trip: Lynsey Dyer and SkiBig3

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Iconic images of Banff always seem to stick out in travelers’ minds: craggy, snow-covered mountains, historic lodges, and a lake of almost startling blue. Banff’s visceral experiences go well beyond the scenics along the highway. Dive into the stunning wilderness and a whole alpine world opens up. Thin, pine-scented air fills your lungs with each step or handhold as you summit many of the nearby peaks. Thudding hoofbeats rise from a herd of elk moving across a hillside or the snapping of twigs from a bear eating berries in an open meadow. Snow wets your face as you make turn after turn.
Banff has long had the reputation for outdoor adventure. The articles below may make it easier to explore this hotspot.

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