1. The middle of the road is the best place to stop your car and take pictures of the leaves!
  2. Who are those two guys that started that ice cream company?
  3. I’ll take all of my groceries in plastic bags, please.
  4. What’s your area code?
  5. You should probably shave your beard.
  6. I wish more people would get married in rustic farm barns.
  7. I’d love some vanilla soft serve.
  8. I need something to put on my pancakes. Please pass the Aunt Jemima.
  9. No, I don’t know any farmers.
  10. You just moved here from Connecticut? Oh, you are definitely a Vermonter now.
  11. I bought so much stuff at Target today!
  12. There is no such thing as Champ the Lake Monster.
  13. I don’t own any flannel.
  14. Did you see that great billboard advertisement on I-89?
  15. I never run into anyone I know!
  16. I’ll pass on the craft beer; just toss me another Bud.
  17. I’ve never met anyone who smokes weed.
  18. I don’t eat organic food.
  19. This restaurant only serves local, farm to table food? No thanks.
  20. What’s a fiddle head?
  21. Vermon-T
  22. Moun-T-ain
  23. Spring is the season that comes right after winter.
  24. The weather here is so predictable.
  25. Rain in January? Yes!
  26. You have gluten intolerance? Good luck finding a restaurant to eat at.
  27. We are proud supporters of the University of Vermont football team!
  28. You’re from New Jersey? Wow, that’s so cool!
  29. Let’s leave the beer brewing to the professionals.
  30. Let’s go to Stowe for an inexpensive weekend getaway.
  31. I’ll just quickly run into the store and grab what I need. I won’t talk to anyone, promise.
  32. No more kale!
  33. The leaf peepers are leaving for the season? Nooooooooo!
  34. I wish my neighbors lived closer.
  35. I hate that we have to drive so far to go hiking.
  36. Let’s move to Massachusetts!
  37. I think I’ll just stay inside all weekend.
  38. It’s snowing out, looks like school is going to be closed.
  39. What’s town meeting day?
  40. Phish got started in Vermont? I had no idea.
  41. I sure wish there were more Subarus in this parking lot.
  42. People go on vacation here? Really? Why?
  43. The air is so dirty.
  44. This state has nothing going for it; I think it’s time to leave.
  45. Bernie who?