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5 Best Hangover Cures in Durango

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by Tim Wenger Nov 15, 2015

DURANGO IS BOTH A COLLEGE AND PARTY TOWN. There’s a good chance that scent of crisp mountain air first thing in the morning will be hindered by a pounding headache and nausea.

1. The Cure, Durango Diner

Love me some #durangodiner #thecure #greenchili

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The Cure is perhaps the town’s most “legendary” meal. A plate-sized conglomeration of eggs, hashbrowns, meat or grilled veggies, and toast. Oh, and the word ‘dollop’ doesn’t even begin to depict the amount of green chili that smothers afore-mentioned items. For a little hair of the dog action, seat yourself next door at El Rancho Tavern where you can enjoy a stiff bloody and have the Diner’s wait staff bring the fix right to your barstool.

2. Brewer’s Breakfast, Carver Brewing Company

Eggs, maple sausage, baked beans, and potatoes, topped with hollandaise and served with a taster of Carver’s Stout. They’ve put the beer and food together so that you’re aching head doesn’t have to stutter through two rounds of ordering.

3. Mex Brex, Oscar’s Café

So much green chili

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We’ve never been able to figure out what is in that secret seasoning, but whatever it is makes this place as satisfying as that stiff drink that kick-started last night. Oscar’s is also located in the same shopping center as City Market so can get your aspirin and egg fix all in one stop.

4. Purple Fucker (or 2), Orio’s Roadhouse


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Sometimes, when your head is pounding and your vision is still blurred, even holding a fork sounds impossible. Let alone trying to stomach any food. Luckily, Orio’s opens at 11 on weekends (as early as you’ll make it out the door anyway) so that last night’s festivities can carry on. Their legendary house drink goes down easy no matter what time it is, so grab a booth and tip a couple back. Hell, this is one of the few bars in the state where you can still smoke indoors, so light one up if you got ‘em and avoid that bright sunlight.

5. The B.F.D., College Drive Café

Finding a solid breakfast burrito to-go when hungover and late heading to the slopes is a big fucking deal. And where else in town smothers their burritos in hollandaise? The College Drive Café is a staple on the south side of downtown for a reason.

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