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5 Nightlife Spots to Hit Up in Boston

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Aug 28, 2016

Boston may not be known as a party Mecca but during my time there, I found that there was a spot for every taste and mood. If you enjoy knocking back beers at the bar, I’ve got you. If you like to get down to electronic beats in a posh atmosphere while photographers fret around you, look no further. Here are five Boston nightlife spots for a guaranteed good time.

1. Cask’n Flagon

For the nights when your crew can’t decide whether you should all go to a club or a bar, Cask’n Flagon is definitely the move. A sports bar at the top floor and a club with hip hop bumping from all sides, this place will leave everyone happy. If you get hungry after getting down to Drake’s “One Dance,” try the wings and buffalo chicken dip with a cold Sam Adams. If you’re in town to watch the Red Sox kick some Yankee butt, head over to Cask’n Flagon for the celebrations.

2. Lolita

Often referred to as “an erotic dungeon” by first-timers, Lolita absolutely kills it on taco Tuesday and the spicy margaritas are the best in the city. This is a perfect spot to hang out with your girls after work or take a first date to show them you know what’s up with Boston’s nightlife. Located right in the heart of Boston, Lolita gives you the freedom to easily bar hop all night — well, at least until 1 a.m. Make sure to reserve a table on the weekend if you’re bringing the entire gang and always dress to impress. Oh, keep an eye out for the cotton candy, you definitely want some of that!

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3. Bijou

Bijou is where you go to see the big names in electronic music — Robin Schulz, Pete Tong, Claptone, Tube & Berger. The cover charge may seem steep, but this club has the best DJ lineup in all of Boston and they’re open until 3 a.m., which gives you plenty of time to prep the after party. Bijou is often frequented by the international crowd of the many colleges in the city, so it’s not unlikely that you’ll bump into someone from India, Switzerland, or Hong Kong. Definitely go for the fancy attire, as there is a photographer hanging around waiting to snap a photo and make you look like a bonafide socialite on their website the next day.

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4. Rooftop at the Revere Hotel

Sip on an old fashioned and watch the twinkling city lights below. This bar offers a perfect mingling atmosphere — casual and elegant. Go early or reserve one of the tables with extremely comfortable cushions or join some other tables and meet people — that always ends up being fun. If you want to extend the party, just head downstairs and hop over to Venue or Tunnel for some club vibes.

5. Lookout Rooftop Bar at the Envoy Hotel

Lookout is perhaps the classiest waterfront bar in all of Boston — but if you want to chill there, you should have made a reservation yesterday. The coveted spot located in the harbor area is always popping with good music, Go Go Bordellos, and pretty people. This is where you go to be seen and to take some Insta-worthy shots. You’ll absolutely eat well at Lookout with the sophisticated dinner menu, offering Moulard Duck Breast and Pineland Farms Flat Iron Steak. If you want to kick it at the bar instead, definitely try the pulled pork tacos and Hawaiian ahi poke. Pair those up with one of the dozen wines on the menu or don’t be so boujie and go for a local Mass beer.

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