5 Places to Be Alone in Sardinia

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by Claudia Tavani Sep 15, 2016

SARDINIA IS BLESSED with incredibly beautiful nature, some of it hardly affected by tourism. Whether gorgeous beaches, placid rivers or tranquil villages, it’s easy to find a place to be alone in Sardinia. Here are just five ideas.

1. Asinara National Park

Asinara National Park

Porto Torres, Italy

At the top north of Sardinia, the island of Asinara is THE place to be alone. Nobody lives in this gorgeous island aside from the rangers patrolling the highly protected national park. There’s a hostel where visitors can spend the night in the summer months, but even at its maximum occupancy, there’s never more than a couple of hundred people on the island, and no cars. Several hiking trails start right outside of the hostel, one leading to the gorgeous Cala Sabina, pictured here.

2. Foradada Island

Foradada Island

Alghero, Italy

There is a nice walking trail outside of Alghero, on the north west coast of Sardinia. It leads to the promontory of Capo Caccia and offers gorgeous views of Foradada island. I love spending time alone there, and always go in the late afternoon so that I can catch a spectacular sunset like this one.

3. Sa Marinedda

Sa Marinedda

Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola, Italy

Sa Marinedda beach, at Isola Rossa, gets quite crowded in the summer months. Yet, taking an easy path on the right, it’s easy to get spectacular views and to find some small coves where to enjoy some peace.

4. Tomba dei Giganti S’Ena e Thomes

Tomba dei Giganti S’Ena e Thomes

Dorgali, Italy

Completely off the beaten path, I passed by the archeological site of S’Ena e Thomes many times before actually discovering it thanks to a local’s tip. Completely immersed in nature and surrounded by the mountains of Gennargentu, this Giants tomb is a great place to be alone and appreciate the unique atmosphere of Sardinia.

5. Fiume Cedrino

Fiume Cedrino

Galtellì, Italy

Few places amaze me as much as Lake Cedrino, in the heart of Sardinia. This is the perfect place to rejoice with nature and spend some time alone. The only noise to be heard here is that of nature and wind. I love getting my kayak down to the water and start wandering around to admire the limestone cliffs and try to spot the local wildlife. Paddling along it is possible to reach the source of Su Cologone.

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